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Advanced communication systems are required for every modern business, and as the Internet of Things continues to expand at home—many shared residential buildings require fiber optics beyond standard networking. When Atlanta residents are in need of advanced fiber optics, Telly Wall Fiber Optic Install is here to serve!

Fiber optic Installation is our specialty, but we also work with Cat 5e, Cat6, Coax, Horizontal Cabling.

Whether your needs are fairly standard, or fully customized—we will listen to what you need, and design a structured plan to support your needs. Each of our plans are built to meet your current specs, and designed with ongoing growth in mind.

Copper Or Fiber Optic Installations

Copper Or Fiber?

It’s an ongoing debate, and there are advantages to both, but the new industry leader for advanced networking is fiber. Versatility and durability are the top two reasons that fiber is the clear-cut winner. It can be used to the create secure Virtual Private Networking (VPN) required for the ever-growing remote workforce—as well as the point-to-point T1 services your business needs.

Fiber is extremely durable, and unlike copper does not kink, this means that maintenance is less frequent, and downtime is less likely because fiber networks are less sensitive to electrical noise. Fiber is also exempt from FCC-mandated sweeps, and does not require ongoing plant tuning.

When Atlanta business owners choose our Fiber Optic Installation Services, they know they are making an investment that has an estimated Interior/Exterior, LAN, WAN, and Plant life of over 30 years.

Leave The Details To Telly Wall Fiber Optic Install.

Enough with all the tech talk! If you know you need to improve your network, or build a network from scratch—leave the details to us. Our technicians are Industry Experts, who work on projects large and small. From small businesses, to major corporations, a handful of lines—or multiple thousands of lines—we can do it all!

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Telly Wall Fiber Optic Install

Fiber Optic Services & Installation Types (Fiber Optic Cabling)

We provide our services in Atlanta and all surrounding cities.

Fiber Optic Installation
Fiber Optic Termination
Conduit Rodding, Cleaning and Cable Pulling
Fiber Optic Splicing
Full Scope Design and Maintenance for Fiber Cabling
Multimode Cable
ST/SC/LC/FC Connectors
Premise Data Networks
OTDR Testing/Certification
Fusion Splicing

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